Testing the new design!

So I've been designing away and I've had many issues with the design I have been making ranging from the sizes of the sliders to the board. Let's start off with the issues with the board, the base of the model for the board was printed with the correct sizes take once printed due to the print settings there were extra walls added into the whole shape which made the board not fit on the holders. That was the first issue which needed to be sorted. 


After fixing that issue I was met with another one! which was that the lid of the unit wouldn't slide into place on the bed that holds the board it was very tight for the sliders and resulted in being snapped into place rather than it sliding in. 


The print was easy to make took around 30minutes printed on 2 machines that I own. One was a Craftbot Plus Pro and the other was a Prusa MK3s comparing the quality and printing I will be sticking to the Prusa as it was able to finish the print in a more professional way.

downloadjpgdownload 1jpg