Resin Final

Since my last post about starting in SLA the model has finally finished and has been cured and works a treat! The issue with the sliding rails I've having with FDM and them not lining up to slide is gone as it just glides on and off the rail. The overall print quality is amazingly better than FDM with no layer lines involved and all the details in tack. 


Midway through the print, I wanted to see how it was doing so I stopped to take a look and was blown away with the little details it does within the model. The blue makes the model look amazing and stands out from the crowd. 



I think the resin looks amazing but it is still a very messy job to do but the overall design and cleanness of the model make it worth its time to do. 

After cleaning and curing the print I did a test fit to see if the board sat well within the model as well as any issues that it may have and needs to be changed. One of the issues I came across was the drain hole on the front it kept pouring out resin that had been unset inside as well as that I also had an issue with the side of the board I hadn't made a secure point to keep it down as the other side.