Final Statement

The final prototype is complete and successfully working well with functionality to hold the raspberry pi zero board. It has been a long journey from learning the fusion 360 software through to operation. I am very impressed with the outcome of the design that I have produced. I tried printing the final model in SLA and FDM. Ultimately I have requested Print City to produce the final piece using FDM as I printed the enclosure in SLA and had numerous issues with the resin being stuck inside which then made the resin hard and the walls cracked and deformed. The model is printed by Print City is in yellow PLA plastic.

Asset 172x-100jpg

My design background started in Graphic design so I have never done any serious work in fusion 360. This is the first time I have had the chance to trial fusion 360 with the designing of this enclosure unit. Starting with the sketch tool that is basically an aid for drawing the model that can then be pulled up into a 3d model. This is a significant help because the model can be edited in the later stages. This was of particular benefit as I encountered many issues with the sliding lid but I was able to go back on numerous occasions and edit the measurements.


I have not used fusion 360 in such a complex design before this project, so I have learnt a lot. The last time I used it was to create a simple box design with a letter on the side similar to dice. I found learning Fusion tricky as having used 3D Builder this was a completely new learning process Some of the newer design features I learnt included fillet and chamfer. I also had a few major challenges throughout the design process using Fusion. One of the recurring issues was that I could not simply merge the layers together, like Illustrator. After a lengthy investigation, I found the tool Combined and this was able to combine two bodies into one. Initially, it combined into one body putting it into a component which was a folder on its own and not what I wanted. I had wanted the two bodies to merge. When I researched the outcome I wanted I realised I needed to combine the original body with the new body. There are many tools and features inside Fusion that I am yet to test out and I am looking forward to exploring its functionality further.  

I had a few issues while designing the raspberry pi zero board. One of these was that the sliding rails on the side of the print were meant to be 0.5mm thick but each time it printed they were 1mm thick. Every time I edited this and printed it, it would always come out the same size, 1mm thick. After a few attempts at editing the design, I finally worked out that the sketch file was not editing the original sketch so I was editing something that was on hiding so I wasted a couple of prints due to this issue.


As well as the designing it was nice to finally be printing some of my own work and being able to test these out on the Raspberry Pi Zero board that I bought to test with the mounting and to see what needed to be measured and what did not fit so need to be remodelled.  

Learning the drawing element was great as I was able to put pen to paper and use my skills to get an idea of what I wanted to create before wasting my time doing the design. At the start, I had a few issues using the sketch draw app particularly understanding how it worked with the perspective modes as you can be drawing a line that is meant to follow another line but it goes a different way.


Overall I am very happy with the board enclosure but next time I would change a few things in the design, such as the sliding rails. I would add in a slot so that it snapped into place to give it more security, as well as stopping the tray from coming out when being transported. I would also make the grips on the side knurling grips to make sure that you can get more pull on the lid. The overall design clipped together really well and was easy to access the board quickly in case of an issue.

I also enjoyed blogging about the different parts that I designed and made for the enclosure as each bit was different. One of the main things about blogging was making sure I added in everything that I changed or created. It is also helpful in terms of looking back at the features I made and providing a record of the project.

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