Enclosure New Design

After having many issues with the past couple of enclosures I decided to take my skills and look into a new style with creating a new and easier case with access parts as well as grips for fingers to open the case. 



With the design above I have created an extra millimetre on the sides to make sure the cables can access the ports without any movements and issues with the cables getting caught on the sides.


This side of the case has been made with many side vents for the air to flow throughout the case as well as the board can be seen from the outside which gives a good feature. The next step for these vents will be to add some type of transparent filament to give it some looks. 

Added bonces have been added inside to stop the board from moving I have created some overlaps on the ports. These will hopefully stop the board from moving out of place when upside down. 

middle open with locksJPG