Enclosure Has Printed But!

So I printed the enclosure unit out with the Prusa Mk3s the print was great came out amazing with the settings and time I had for this. I selected 0.3 layer height no supports were needed for this and I was able to print in 1hour and 25mins. The print itself looks really good quality with the open-air vents I created. 


The model was created and printed but sadly the board didn't fit once again on the print I have since changed as the pin would fit but the length of the model wasn't long enough for the others. The image below shows that the top two pins are in place but the bottom can't be pushed in since the model isn't long enough for them. 


As well as testing many prints to get the tolerances right for the sliding part I also testing the holes made for the ports. The style I was looking for was grill effects where the sides would have open parts for more airflow so that the board can breathe and not cause issues. 

air ventsJPG