Adding more features

So one of the new features that I have added is the finger grips this is to help solve the issues I have been having where I was unable to open the lid due to the sliders being stuck. 


As you can see from the picture above the fingers are able to grip onto the side of the case. When the case and lid are attached this would be the correct way to remove them.

I am having issues with the front of the case as the design is in the correct area for 2 fingers but sadly there isn't enough space to be gripped onto for them to hold the force to open. 

Another feature that has been added was to hold the board down to stop it from moving when being placed upside down sadly this didn't work due to the other side not having the same sort of style. The next update I will design some type of top holder which will keep the board in place and have easier access to the ports.